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Your Dog's Skin

Itchy skin

Soothe that itch

What's going on?

Excessive scratching, licking and chewing behaviors can have a variety of causes. 


Itching is prevalent in dogs.  There are many causes of itching and dogs can be allergic to a variety of things:

  • Environment: grass, pollen, or dust mites.  Dogs can be affected by seasonal allergies just as people can, but instead of a runny nose or eyes, they will itch!
  • External Parasites: fleas, mosquitoes, ticks
  • Food:  protein sources



Excessive licking, scratching or chewing at the body. Paws, ears, and inside the legs are frequent areas of itching.

Excessive scratching and licking can lead to rashes, hair loss or self-inflicted lesions. This, in turn, can become infected and exacerbate the problem.

Your veterinarian will identify and treat the underlying cause. In some cases such as seasonal allergies, this can be a lifelong issue for your dog and routine care of the skin will help your dog feel more comfortable.

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