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Common Conditions

Skin problems are very common in dogs. It's estimated that 1 in 5 dogs have dermatological issues.

Skin problems

What to look for?

Signs of skin issues include:
- Excessive itching
- Biting or chewing of paws or other areas of skin.
- Patchy fur or obvious lesions
- Thinning fur
- Reddened skin
- Greasy or oily skin
- Dry or flaky skin
- Bad odor


It takes a new healthy skin cell about 21 days to mature, so even mild skin diseases may take weeks to resolve. To help you take care of their skin, we've created easy and rinse-free DOUXO® solutions.

Your veterinarian can recommend the best treatment option for your dog.

Rinse-free skin care  Soothe their skin