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Your Dog's Skin

Soothe their skin

Whatever your pet's skin issue might be, there's a DOUXO® product to help restore the skin barrier.

The skin barrier needs your care and protection

When they have a skin disease, your cute and cuddly dog may seem a little less cute and cuddly.
Your pet’s skin issues can really put a damper on your time together. The best way to restore their skin and keep it healthy in the long run is to protect the skin barrier.

A strong barrier is what helps your pet’s skin defend itself against bacteria, yeasts, allergens, and other harmful elements. That’s why DOUXO® contains a molecule called Phytosphingosine. It's a pro-ceramide that helps rebuild the natural ceramides found in your dog's skin barrier that are critical in helping keep the skin healthy.

Rinse-free grooming

We know that bathing can be uncomfortable for some dogs. That's why we have developed specific products to help care for your dog's skin between baths:

  • Mousses that you gently apply by massage. No need to rinse, just massage into the skin and brush the hair
  • Micro-emulsion Spray that you spray approximately 12 inches from the skin. No need to wet or rinse your dog, just spray
  • Pads, a wipe for antiseptic cleansing or treatment of infected areas. Ideal for small, difficult to reach areas such as the paws or the neck
  • Spot-on, helps manage flaky and/or dry, scaly skin