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Common Skin Problems

Dogs frequently suffer from mild skin issues that can benefit from skin care to support recovery. There are many warning signs that tell us when skin needs our help such as flaky or greasy skin and areas of itching or redness. It's always best to consult your vet when you have questions about your pet's skin.


Any change in your pet's general coat appearance may be the first indicator of health problems. You should suspect a skin issue as soon as you see: 

  • broken fur
  • stained fur
  • a smell from the skin
  • greasy skin
  • flaky skin (dandruff)
  • pink skin
  • warm skin
  • itchy skin

Since it takes a new skin cell about four weeks to mature and reach the skin surface even mild skin diseases may take weeks to resolve. 

That's why we've made DOUXO® easy to apply to support long-term use.


A lot of skin diseases exist in dogs that's why the diagnosis can sometimes be challenging. The most common problems include: