Our commitments


Since more than 10 years, we are committed to preserving pet healthy skin.



DOUXO® S3 is an innovative skincare brand with a mission to preserve healthy pet skin through a range of high quality products tailored to the needs of pets.  

The development of this unique range benefited from more than 10 years of DOUXO® client experience. DOUXO® S3 was developed with the needs and desires of our clients at the center of the decision making process. 





  • Pet owners : One of the main pillars for the development of DOUXO® S3 was to respect the pet owners’ concern for safety. Pet parents want to trust the brand and be sure it does not contain any controversial ingredients and they need to be absolutely confident that the skin care products are safe for their pets and family. 


dog and cat
  • Dogs and cats : As an expert in dermatology, we have been aware of the importance of a simultaneous threefold action on the three skin barriers for optimal protection of the skin barrier ecosystem. Compliance is also key for success, and DOUXO® S3 was designed to be as user-friendly and pleasant to use as possible.  




  • Veterinarians and veterinary dermatologists :The development of DOUXO® S3 is entirely science based, from tolerance to performance. Veterinarians have been consulted during all stages of development. 

DOUXO® S3 guarantees:


Optimum performance

Optimum tolerance

Optimum pleasure

Created with pet owners

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The use of topical skin care products can be challenging for owners. This is why DOUXO® S3 was designed to be as user-friendly and pleasant to use as possible. Both the product and the packaging were designed in close collaboration with our pet owners to offer: 

  • Formulations with luxurious textures and fragrances
  • Enhanced user-friendly packaging  
  • Highly convenient protocols for optimal adherence to skin care 

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High tolerance formulas


You want to trust topical skincare products and to be sure they are safe for your pet and for yourself. DOUXO® S3 was developed: 

  • According to a unique screening process to select ingredients with a high tolerance profile for both pet and humans  
  • Under strict and up-to-date requirements not to include any controversial ingredients 
  • To ensure safety even in case of overdosage

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High quality ingredients

Ophytrium (fond blanc)

The entire DOUXO® S3 range contains Ophytrium, an exclusive purified natural ingredient, carefully selected from among several hundred ingredients for its high tolerance and simultaneous threefold action on the skin barriers. Depending on the line and the indication, we also selected high quality ingredients answering your pet’s skin care needs. 

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Recommended by veterinarians

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For the development of the DOUXO® S3 range, we have worked with veterinary dermatologists around the world to develop skincare products addressing a wide variety of skin needs. Its performance is clinically proven with numerous field trials. Today, DOUXO® S3 is widely recommended by veterinarians. 

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