High tolerance formulas


Safety of the formulas was one of the main pillars in the DOUXO® S3 development process. We chose very carefully each ingredient to get high tolerance formulas.

You want to trust topical skincare products and to be sure they are safe for your pet and for yourself and your family, without controversial ingredients. DOUXO® S3 was developed: 

  • According to unique screening process to select ingredients with a high tolerance profile for both pet and humans  
  • Under strict and up-to-date requirements not to include any controversial ingredient  
  • To ensure safety even in case of overdosage   


containing only the essential


Soap, sulfate, paraben, colourant, nanoparticles, phthalates


Hypoallergenic fragrance


Adjusted pH for promoting a rich and diverse microbiota

Our formulas are free of controversial ingredients that can alter skin tolerance or with suspected harmful effects on health in both pets and their families. 

Pet owners and veterinarians highlighted the need for a fragrance for skincare products, but it was essential to include a hypoallergenic one to guarantee a high level of safety, even for the most sensitive skins.  

The healthy canine skin has an acidic trend with a most common range from 5.5 to 7.2. An acidic pH of the skin surface helps to maintain the integrity and cohesiveness of the skin barrier and to control the balance of skin microbiota. Our formulation specialists have designed an adjusted pH for DOUXO® S3 products to promote a rich and diverse microbiota. 


High tolerance even in case of overuse


Our drastic selection of ingredients led to formulas that are very safe. To reassure you about the high safety of DOUXO® S3 products, the very good tolerance of our formulas was validated even if the dose applied is higher or the use more frequent than recommended.   


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