Recommended by veterinarians 


DOUXO® S3, veterinary dermatologists and veterinarians: a close collaboration for pets’ skincare. Today, DOUXO® S3 is widely recommended by veterinarians throughout the world.

For the development of the DOUXO® S3 innovative range, we have worked with veterinary dermatologists throughout the world to develop skincare products addressing a wide variety of skin needs. Collaboration during field trials, contribution to continuous education, etc. We work closely with veterinary dermatologists and veterinarians to offer pets a healthy skin and their family recovered serenity. 


Development of solutions answering veterinarians’ needs 

Our skincare products are developed to help veterinarians and pet owners take care of all types of pets’ skin. To perfectly fit their needs, it is of major importance to collaborate closely with dermatology experts to know their needs in terms of formulation, characteristics, cosmetic benefits, etc. 

Apart from the formula in terms of ingredients and in spite of the great interest to use topical products to address dermatological conditions, it can be challenging for families to use it on a regular basis. Veterinarians highlighted the need for topical products pleasant to use, practical, not time-consuming to get the best compliance and thus the best performance. The best product and skincare protocol is the one pet owners are willing to do. So we developed very pleasant products thanks to the help of pet owners and developed an innovative very convenient protocol whose performance is clinically proven. We recommend one shampoo to clean the skin and then maximise the use of the leave-on Mousse that is applied through relaxing massages to spend a pleasant shared moment with your pet and offers a longer lasting and direct contact for maximised performance. 

DOUXO S3 protocol (+ macaron patent pending)


Performance of the products clinically proven

All our products were tested and approved by veterinarians, pets and their families. Clinical trials with all our products are designed and conducted with veterinary dermatologists and veterinarians with only pets that need the products. All the protocols are validated by ethics committee to ensure the respect of animal welfare. Our studies are published in scientific peer-reviewed journals or presented during international congresses to an audience of the veterinarians and/or veterinary dermatologists. All our products improved significantly skin conditions in pets, yielding high satisfaction levels of dermatologists and pet owners. 


DOUXO® S3, engaged for veterinary continuing education 

Improving quality of life of pets and their families also involves veterinarians. This is why we are engaged in veterinarians education at all levels, from students to specialists in dermatology. Every  year, our teams are engaged in:  

  • Continuing education of veterinarians, through sponsoring of events conferences, and educational platforms presenting last updates in veterinary dermatology.
  • Education of future veterinary dermatologists (so called residents), through sponsoring of specific events included in their training course to become specialists in dermatology.
  • Involving veterinarians, specialists and residents in our studies.


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