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Spending a delightful moment with your pet during skincare is certainly one key aspect that encourages regular use, and thus optimal performance. DOUXO® S3 was developed with pet owners to perfectly fit your needs and desires.

The use of topical skin care products can be challenging to owners. This is why DOUXO® S3 was designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Both the product and the packaging were designed in close collaboration with pet owners to offer: 

  • Very pleasant texture and scent of formulas for a lovely moment of care 
  • Unique enhanced user-friendly packaging  
  • Highly convenient protocol for optimal adherence to skin care 


Very pleasant sensory characteristics of formulas thanks to pet owners’ insight 

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In parallel of the DOUXO® S3 development based on rigorous science, we have created “Dermatodog”, an online community of 50 French and 50 American pet owners who participated in a 6-month evaluation of formulas. These deeply invested pet owners tested many marketed products and formulas prototypes. Their opinion has led us to an ideal sensory experience in terms of fragrance, texture, foaming, and rinsability. Our formulation experts have then done rounds of formula adjustments to perfectly meet pet owners needs. 
They selected a Summertime hypoallergenic fragrance “Coco+Vanilla” and also defined its intensity in order to be pleasant for them while respecting their pet’s skin and sense of smell.

of the owners love the texture and smell of DOUXO S3 Shampoo (from in-field trials)

Considering that pleasure during application encourages frequent use, this new process in formulation makes DOUXO® S3 very unique and guarantees a lovely moment of care. 


A unique enhanced packaging designed with the help of pet owners

packagings + benefits

The Dermatodog online community also participated in research to develop a user-friendly packaging. During this process, pet owners shared with us their habits, challenges and needs. After analysis of their key expectations, we developed with designers 9 fitting packaging proposals. Dermatodog owners voted and after gathering the best from each packaging they finally selected the DOUXO® S3 enhanced bottles.  

of the owners love the DOUXO S3 packagings (from in-field trials)

A highly convenient protocol for optimal adherence to skin care 

Shampooing a dog is not easy and is not always a pleasant experience for the dog or owner, in particular due to the application time and stand-time. In contrast, the relaxing massage application of DOUXO® S3 Mousse encourages frequent use and its leave-on formula ensures a long-lasting direct contact of ingredients with the skin, for optimal performance. 

That is why we developed a novel and unique protocol maximising the use of the Mousse to strengthen the human-animal bond without compromise on performance. This high performance and very convenient protocol whose patent is pending consists in only 1 initial shampoo to clean the fur and skin, followed by mousse applications 3 times a week. This protocol was widely tested and recommended by veterinarians

DOUXO S3 protocol (+ macaron patent pending)
of the owners particularly appreciate the practicality of the DOUXO S3 protocol (from in-field trials)

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