Dog's skin


Skin has an essential role in a dog’s life as the first line of defence against the outside world. 

Marina G Veterinarian

The canine skin barrier, a complex and fragile ecosystem

The skin has many major roles: protection from the environment, temperature regulation and the release of pheromones involved in territorial marking and social communication. The skin barrier is a complex and fragile ecosystem that functions to retain moisture, maintain normal bacterial and yeast microfloras, prevent the penetration of allergens and ensure normal cell turnover.

The skin barrier relies on 3 components which work in harmony with one another:

  • The mechanical skin barrier: Skin cells and fats form a brick and mortar structure which acts as a protective wall keeping moisture in and allergens and irritants out.
  • The immunological skin barrier:Cells and molecules that defends the body against environmental insults and help to regulate the interface with the outside world
  • The microbiological skin barrier: The healthy bacteria and yeast that live on the skin and protect it
3 skin barriers (scheme from pet owner brochure)

The balance between these skin barriers is fragile and requires care and protection. Whatever the colour or thickness of their fur, all dogs can be affected by skin problems. 

Dry and irritated skin, oily or flaky skin, hot spots, itching, and bacteria and yeast overgrowths can be symptoms of a defective skin barrier. If you see any of these signs on your furry friend, contact your local vet. 

Remember, DOUXO® S3 provides skin care options whatever your pet’s skin type or lifestyle.