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DOUXO® S3 CARE is designed for routine care of even the most sensitive skins. The ultra-gentle formula hydrates and strengthens the skin for skin barrier ecosystem protection.




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Did you know that the skin of dogs and cats is much thinner than the skin of a human, even a baby? While the epidermis of a dog is 3-5 cells thick, in humans it is at least 10-15 cells thick. That is why their sensitive skin needs good quality products that are specifically formulated for them. 

DOUXO® S3 CARE is a line of products for maintenance care in dogs and cats. All the ingredients were carefully selected for their properties and to respect both your and your pet’s skins.  

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DOUXO® S3 is a gentle maintenance formula that keeps the most sensitive skin healthy.  DOUXO® S3 CARE hydrates the skin for a proper skin hydration. It also strengthens the skin barrier that protects your pet from external aggressions such as bacteria, yeasts, allergens, and all the other bad guys out there. Its pH is specifically adjusted for promoting a rich and diverse microbiota. 

DOUXO® S3 CARE line was designed to be a perfect mix of performance, tolerance and pleasure. 






the reference ingredient
in pet skin care

The entire DOUXO® S3 range contains Ophytrium, an exclusive purified natural ingredient, carefully selected from among several hundred ingredients for its high tolerance and simultaneous threefold action on the skin barriers: soothes, equilibrates and strengthens the skin

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Soap, sulfate, paraben, colourant, nanoparticles, phthalates


Hypoallergenic fragrance


Adjusted pH for promoting a rich and diverse microbiota

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