Our solution for itchy, irritated and sensitive skins. 


DOUXO® S3 CALM soothes itchy, irritated and sensitive skin while balancing skin microbiota which is commonly unbalanced in sensitive skins.

It helps to protect the skin barrier ecosystem from allergens and improves skin hydration.

CALM line packs



DOUXO® S3 CALM is a line of skincare products intended to soothe itchy, irritated, sensitive skin of dogs and cats. The line contains Shampoo, Mousse and Pads for application either on the whole body/large areas or on specific areas. All the ingredients were carefully selected for their properties and to respect both your and your pet’s skins. Performance of all products is clinically proven. 

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The outside world constantly challenges the ecosystem of cats and dogs skin. If the skin barrier is damaged, the natural flora is disrupted and its defences are activated, causing irritation. 

Just like people your pet can show allergy-like symptoms to everyday substances, traduced by itching and irritation. Your vet is your major ally to identify the causes and find the appropriate solution. DOUXO® S3 CALM offer a complete action to soothe dogs and cats’ skins: 

  • An anti itch action: itch is a very common reason for seeking veterinary advice as it can be terribly annoying for pets, and as a consequence for the family. DOUXO® S3 CALM significantly decreases levels of itching, bringing pets relief for recovered serenity of all the family.  
  • A soothing action on irritated, sensitive skin: many external factors can turn your pet’s skin pink, red, irritated. DOUXO® S3 CALM brings quick significant relief to irritated skins. 
  • A balancing action on the skin flora: once the skin barrier is damaged by external factors, skin flora can be disbalanced too and potentially pathogenic germs can grow and enhance the signs. DOUXO® S3 CALM equilibrates the skin, restoring the balance of the protective microbial flora for a healthy skin.
  • A strengthening action on the skin barrier: DOUXO® S3 CALM products hydrate the skin, reducing the sensation of itching. It also restructures the barrier that protects your pet from allergens and irritants.   

DOUXO® S3 CALM line was designed to be a perfect mix of performance, tolerance and pleasure.




the reference ingredient
in pet skin care

The entire DOUXO® S3 line contains Ophytrium, an exclusive purified natural ingredient, carefully selected from among several hundred ingredients for its high tolerance and simultaneous threefold action on the skin barriers: soothes, equilibrates and strengthens the skin.

DOUXO® S3 CALM products have a high concentration of Ophytrium to get the best from it.

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with only the essential


Soap, sulfate, paraben, colourant, nanoparticles, phthalates


Hypoallergenic fragrance


Adjusted pH for promoting a rich and diverse microbiota

How to use

Whole body application

To soothe itchy, irritated skin

picto shampoo calm



Only 1 

to clean the fur

Mousse 3 times a week picto rose texte bleu



Mousse 3 times
a week for 3 weeks

for performance

  • Leave-on for longer lasting direct skin contact 
  • Relaxing massage application for pleasant frequent use 


To maintain relief

picto shampoo calm



Only 1 Shampoo
per month 


Mousse 3 times a week picto rose texte bleu



Mousse 2 times
a week 


Localised application

To soothe itchy, irritated skin                                                                                    

Pads once daily picto rose écriture bleue


Once daily

For 2-3 weeks to soothe all sensitive areas

To maintain relief 

Pads once daily picto rose écriture bleue


Once every
other day


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dog cat pleasant


Safe for you
and your pet



by veterinarians

home dog owner


Approved by pets
and families