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Pet Skin Care

The Science Of Shampoo

The DOUXO® Difference

How is the Great Barrier Reef the earth's largest living structure similar to the skin barrier of your pet?

The great barrier reef is a fragile ecosystem which is easily disturbed by small changes in the environment such as increases in temperature and pH levels. Your pet's skin is also a fragile ecosystem with a delicate balance between the skin microflora, immune system and mechanical skin barrier that can be easily disrupted leading to skin problems for your pet.

Not all skin care products are created equal

It is important to use a good quality product that is formulated specifically for pets. Pets’ skin is sensitive, thinner and has a different pH than human skin. Do not use a human shampoo it is too harsh for a dog or cat’s skin and may dry it out and damage the skin barrier.

Always protect the mechanical skin barrier

The outer layer of the skin is made with corneocytes glued together by lipids. This lipid glue is essential for the skin to act as a mechanical barrier giving your pet the first line of defence against physical trauma, bacteria, allergens (such as pollen) and other molecules that can be damaging. It also retains moisture in the skin and prevents your pet's skin from becoming dry, itchy and irritated.

Choose DOUXO® as it contains Phytosphingosine a key player in many skin functions including helping to maintain this vital barrier.

Respect your Pet's skin pH

Healthy skin is acid with an average pH of 6,4 in cats and 5.5 - 7.2 in dogs. An acidic pH at the skin surface helps to maintain the integrity of the skin barrier and to balance the skin microflora.

DOUXO® products are formulated with a pH balanced to the skin of your pet.