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Common Conditions

Skin problems are very common in dogs. It's estimated that 1 in 5 dogs have dermatological issues.

Skin problems

What to look for ?

A healthy coat is shiny and smooth, and healthy skin is supple and clear. Any change in your pet's general coat appearance may be the first indicator of health problems. You should suspect a skin issue as soon as you see brittle, lackluster or matted fur, greasy, flaky or red skin.


Skin problems don’t only affect the health and comfort of your pet. They are often uncomfortable and challenging for you to manage too. 

Since it takes a new, healthy skin cell about four weeks to mature and be present near the skin surface, even mild skin diseases may take weeks to resolve. That's why, to help you take care of your dog's skin in the long-term, easy and waterless DOUXO® solutions exist.

If you bathe or groom your dog and the skin or coat problem quickly returns, contact your veterinarian for a consultation. They can recommend the best treatment option for you and your dog.

Waterless skin care  Soothe their skin