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Choose your dog shampoo

Dog shampoo review

Your dog's skin is a fragile ecosystem that needs care and protection

The sensitive skin of your dog is a fragile ecosystem that is impacted by the environment, temperature, bacteria and allergies.  That's why it is essential that you choose the right skincare product for your dog.

Not all skin care products are created equal

It is important to use a high-quality product that is formulated specifically for dog. A dog’s skin is sensitive, thinner, and has a different pH than human skin. Do not use a human shampoo or dish soap to clean your dog. These products are too harsh for a dog's skin and may dry out or damage the fragile skin barrier.

How to choose your dog shampoo:

Protect the outer layer of skin

The outer layer of your dog's skin is made with corneocytes (dead cells full of keratin) glued together by lipids. This cohesiveness is essential for the skin to act as a mechanical barrier, giving your pet a first line of defense against physical trauma, bacteria, allergens (such as pollen) and other pathogens that can be damaging. It helps retain moisture and protect your dog's skin from becoming dry, itchy and irritated.

Choose a shampoo that contains a pro-ceramide to support the cohesion of the mechanical skin barrier and moisturize the skin. The entire DOUXO® range contains an important molecule called Phytosphingosine. It is a key player in many skin functions as well as helping to maintain this vital barrier.

Moisturize with soap-free products

Soap can be drying and harsh on your dog's skin. Defects in the skin barrier cause a natural inflammatory response by your dog's skin. Too much inflammation can cause an itch, which leads to scratching and more irritations that worsen the skin problem.

Choose a shampoo that protects, soothes and moisturizes the skin such as DOUXO® soap-free shampoos.