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Bathing your cat

Cleanse the Skin

Usually, cats don’t need baths because they groom themselves. Regular brushing can also help keep your cat clean and comfortable.

However there are occasions when a real bath is necessary:

  • Your cat may be very dirty
  • Your cat may have a bad odor
  • Your cat may have a skin condition that requires bathing with a medicated topical product

Your cat's skin is very thin and sensitive, which is why it's important to use high-quality products that are specifically formulated for them such as DOUXO® .  See our tips below on bathing.

Choose your cat shampoo

Most cats don't like water and bathing them is next to impossible! If a bath is essential and you are unable to give them one, find a groomer who is experienced in bathing cats.

Fortunately, we offer rinse-free solutions that you can use between baths to help protect and restore your cat's skin. Let DOUXO® make life easier for you and your pet.

Rinse-free skin care

Preparing Your Cat’s Bath

Make sure you have all the supplies ready prior to the bath to make this experience as pleasant as possible. This includes a brush, shampoo, several towels and some cat treats or a favorite cat toy. You may also need a partner to help hold the cat while you lather and rinse.

  • If possible, choose a sink or tub that doesn't require you to bend over while bathing the cat.
  • Have the shampoo bottle handy and read the instructions before turning on the water.
  • Place a mat or a towel in the bottom of the tub or sink to give your cat a non-slip surface to grip.
  • Brush your cat to eliminate tangles or mats before washing.
  • Use cool to lukewarm water and test the temperature on yourself.

Shampoo your cat
Wet your cat from the neck down, avoiding the head to prevent water and soap in eyes and ears. You do not need to leave your cat in the water, just wet the fur to prepare it to receive the shampoo.

Dispense the shampoo onto your hands and massage it onto your cat making sure the shampoo reaches the skin, not just the fur. If your cat has skin lesions, apply the shampoo to these areas first, then work your way to the rest of the body.

Soap-free, medicated shampoos often do not lather much so keep this in mind. This is the time to pull out the cat treats or favorite cat toy to keep your cat busy while waiting.  

Always dry your cat's coat

Your cat may be quite impatient now, but never let him go without drying the coat! Excessive humidity in skin folds may promote the development of yeasts and bacteria.

Gently towel dry your cat (without rubbing) and brush the fur again.