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Rinse-Free Solutions For Cats

Make life easy

Shampooing a cat can be challenging. Usually, a medicated shampoo therapy is recommended 3 times a week for at least 3 weeks. 

77% of pet owners admit that they would not follow the recommended therapy even if they had to.

If shampoo is a problem, let DOUXO® Mousse or Spot-on be the solution!

DOUXO® Mousse

Once the skin is cleaned with a shampoo, you can replace 2 shampoos each week with a DOUXO®  Mousse and you'll receive the same benefits. 

DOUXO®  Mousse products contain many of the same active ingredients as the shampoo products. The mousse is a leave-on formulation, so no rinsing is required.The active ingredients also stay in contact with your cat's skin longer than shampoo because they are not rinsed off.


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DOUXO® Spot-On

DOUXO® Seborrhea Spot-on helps balance, hydrate, and moisturize flaky skin.  It's quick and simple to use. Part the hair and apply the contents of a pipette directly onto your cat's skin. 

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Need a product for a small area of the skin?


DOUXO® Calm Gel

Great for treating skin lesions, hot spots, and spots of inflammation that are the target of itching.

DOUXO® Chlorhexidine Pads

A wipe for daily treatment of infected areas or antiseptic cleansing. Ideal for small, difficult to reach areas.