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Pet Skin Care

How to apply DOUXO®S3 Mousse

Skin problems are challenging to manage for pet owners. Traditionally a medicated shampoo protocol is recommended for at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks to make sure the active ingredients in the shampoo are regularly applied to the skin. Many pet owners say that they would avoid this if there was another way.

Would you do this protocol if you knew that there was another solution?

If shampoo is a problem, let DOUXO®S3 mousse be the solution!

How to use DOUXO®S3 mousse:

  • To use DOUXO®S3 massage it into the fur to activate the ingredients. This leave-on formula assures long-lasting direct contact with the skin.
  • Use it every 3 days.
  • Once the skin is cleaned with a DOUXO®S3 shampoo, you can replace the next shampoos with DOUXO®S3 Mousse to get the same clinically proven benefits