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Pet Skin Care

DOUXO® and my Cat?

Skin problems are challenging to manage for pet owners. Traditionally a medicated shampoo protocol is recommended for at least 3 times a week for 3 weeks to make sure the active ingredients in the shampoo are regularly applied to the skin. Many pet owners say that they would avoid this if there was another way.

Many cats aren't given the topical skin products they need because of how difficult they are to get on the cat. It's sometimes why oral medications are given but when it comes to skin problems the best way to get the active ingredients where you need them is to apply them directly.

That's why we made DOUXO® dry foam shampoo so easy to apply, even for cats!

How to use DOUXO® 

To use DOUXO® massage it into the fur to activate the ingredients. This leave-on formula assures long-lasting direct contact with the skin. Use it every 3 days.

No need to rinse, just massage, brush and rest!

DOUXO® also comes in other easy to apply forms such as pads, a spray or a spot-on solution

DOUXO®  Spot-On

DOUXO® Seb Spot-On balances, hydrates and moisturizes oily, flaky skin. It regulates the desquamation normalising the skin turnover. It is very quick and simple to use. Part the hair and apply the content of the pipette directly onto your cat's skin. The content of one pipette can be applied to several areas. 

DOUXO®  Pyo Pads

DOUXO® Pyo is antibacterial and antifungal. It externally cleanses the skin and maintains skin microbial balance  Simply wipe affected areas with a pad daily

DOUXO®® Calm Serum

DOUXO® Calm protects the skin barrier. It soothes and hydrates itchy, irritated, and sensitive skins. Spray approximately 20 cm from the skin on to affected areas no need to rub in.

DOUXO®  Care Pads

DOUXO® Care is designed for routine care of even the most sensitive of skins. It moisturises and hydrates for skin barrier. Simply wipe target areas with a pad daily