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Washing and bathing

Cat's bath

Cleanse the skin

Usually, cats don’t need to be washed with water. They groom themselves naturally, so regular brushing is usually enough to keep your catt looking clean and comfortable.

However there are occasions when a real bath is necessary:

  • Your cat may be very dirty, smells bad,
  • or he may have some skin disorders, crusts, flakes that need to be cleansed.

Cat's skin is very thin and sensitive, that is why it is very important to use good quality products that are specifically formulated for them.

Choose your cat shampoo

But as many cats, your cat may not like water and bath may be impossible! Even if shampoos may be essential in some circumstances (eliminate dirt,...), don't forget that stress can cause excessive grooming and then skin issues. That's why DOUXO® offers you many solutions to protect the skin without washing if the bath is not needed. Let DOUXO® make life easier for you and your pet.

Cat waterless solution

Preparing Your Cat’s Bath
If needed, brush your cat to eliminate any tangles, matts or burrs before washing. Make sure that you have all the equipment so you won't make your cat’s bath an unpleasant time : 

  • choose a comfortable place: the tub, or a sink that prevents you from bending down
  • ensure a non-slip surface, either a bathmat or a towel
  • prepare your cat's shampoo and read the label before use
  • take a towel to gently surround him and then dry him
  • test the water temperature on yourself

Shampoo your cat
Wet your cat from the neck down, avoiding the head to prevent water and soap in eyes and ears. You do not need to leave your cat in the water, just wet his hair to prepare it to receive the shampoo.

Dispense the shampoo onto your hands and massage your cat making sure the shampoo reaches the skin, not just th coat.

After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly from the neck down, leaving the problems areas until last.

Always dry your cat's coat

Your cat may be quite impatient now, but never let him go without drying the coat! Excessive humidity in skin folds may promote the development of yeasts and bacteria.

Using either a towel or with a hairdryer on a low heat, gently dry the hairs without rubbing.