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Washing and bathing

Ear Care

regular ear hygiene

Check regularly your dog's and cat's ears, inside the ear flap and at the inlet of the ear canal. Remove any ear wax by regular cleaning.

Here is how to effectively clean your pet's ear. Never use cotton stalks that could damage the eardrum if your pet shook the head.

1. Hold the ear up and fill the ear canal with DOUXO® Auricular Lotion.

2. Massage the base of the ear for debris to mix with the lotion.

3. Let your pet shakes his head. It will help debris to come out.

4. Wipe away any surplus product and debris.


Otitis are fairly common in dogs and cats. They can be parasitic or due to local inflammation which can evolve into infection (most common in dogs).

Several causes of inflammation exist, the most common are allergies. Ear conformation and lifestyle will influence the risk of otitis: drooping ears, dogs that bathe often are at higher risk. Ear infection is painful and can be itchy. It can be the primary cause of a head hot spot.

Your vet can prescribe an anti-inflammatory, antibiotics, antifungals or parasiticides depending on the diagnosis. Before any local treatment, you will have to clean carefully the ear to eliminate any debris to maximize the effect of the local treatment.

DOUXO® Care Auricular Lotion is a degreasing ear cleaner, as soft as water: no more greasy ear flap after care. It will leave your pet's ear clean and a very pleasant light green tea smell. Inside the ear flap you can also use DOUXO® Care Pads to remove dirt.

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