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Washing and bathing

Cat waterless solutions

Make life easy

Skin problems are often uncomfortable and challenging to manage for the pet owner. Usually, a medicated shampoo protocol is recommended for 3 times a week during 3 weeks. Cat pet owners are usually not very comfortable with bathing their cat and oftenly choose not to use skin care at all.

And you? Would you like to do skin care for your cat if you learned that there is another solution?

If shampoo is a problem, let DOUXO® Mousse or Spot-on be the solution!

DOUXO® Mousse

The penetration of DOUXO® Mousse active ingredients is optimized by massage. This leave-on assures a very long lasting direct skin contact. Use it every 3 days.

Gently apply DOUXO® Mousse by massage wherever your cat likes to rest (cat's bed, cat's tree,...). No need to rince, just massage, brush and rest!

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DOUXO® Spot-On

DOUXO® Seb Spot-On balances, hydrates and moisturizes flaky skin. It regulates the desquamation by replacing the cat's grooming process, without you having the ardous task of bathing your cat. It is very quick and simple to use. Part the hair and apply contents of pipette directly onto your cat's skin. The contents of one pipette can be applied to several areas. 

Use it once a week.


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Searching only for a localized application?


DOUXO® Calm Serum

External use only. Spray approximately 20 cm from the skin once a day. Veterinary hygiene product. Keep out of sight and reach of children.

DOUXO® Pyo Pads

Helps maintain skin barrier functions and dermal microflora balance.

DOUXO® Care Pads

Localised cleansing for dogs and cats. Suits all skin types.