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Your Cat's skin

Soothe their skin


Whatever your cat's skin issue might be, there's a DOUXO® product for it that will protect its skin barrier.

The skin barrier needs your care and protection

When they have a skin disease, your cute and cuddly cat may seem a little less cute and cuddly.
Your pet’s skin issues can really put a damper on your time together. The best way to restore them to their cute and cuddly self, and keep their skin healthy in the long run isn’t just to treat the symptoms. It’s to protect the skin barrier.

A strong barrier is what helps your pet’s skin defend itself against bacteria, yeasts, allergens, and all the other bad guys out there. That’s why DOUXO® contains an exclusive, patented molecule called Phytosphingosine. It’s a pro-ceramide, which means it restores the barrier for a healthy, strengthened skin.


Stressless skin care for cats exists

Skin care will protect your cat from the outside and you would love to do it. But bathing your cat is impossible?

Rest assured this is the case of many cat owners! We know cats well and how stress can be bad for their health, causing excessive grooming and then skin problems. That's why we have developped specific ways to care your cat's skin:

  • mousses that you gently apply by massage wherever your cat likes to rest (cat's bed, cat's tree,...). No need to rince, just massage, brush and rest!
  • pads, impregnated cotton that you just apply where it's needed. Ideal for small, difficult to reach area.
  • spot-on, pippette to apply on the back. It will then diffuse to the skin and protect its skin barrier.

Make life relaxing, choose DOUXO®!

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