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Your Cat's skin

General Hygiene

Beautiful coat and healthy skin

The general condition of your cat's skin and coat are good indicators of its health.

Cats, champions of cleanliness

Cats who feel good keep themselves well groomed. Their rough tongue is a very efficient tool for self-grooming. By licking themselves, cats separate any potentially tangled hairs and eliminate any dead hair. The cat's saliva also helps to clean away dirt and spread the sebum on the fur. 

If your cat has not groomed properly, dandruffs and an accumulation of dead hair in the undercoat will appear. An overweight can prevent the cat from reaching every body site and groom properly, that's why it's essential to keep your kitty fit. Any pain can also limit its grooming because this activity requires a lot of spine flexibility! Always try to find the cause of the problem and keep in mind that cats are naturally very clean.

Should I groom or bath my cat?

Even if cats are good groomers, their fur needs to be brushed on a regular basis to eliminate any tangles, matts or burrs. Long-haired cats should be brushed daily whereas brushing short-haired cat can be done only once or twice a week.

Brushing is the best option to prevent hairballs, that can make your cat vomiting. Keep in mind that your kitty will ingest any eliminated hair when grooming which is not good for its intestinal tract.  

Cats rarely requires a bath if there is no skin issue nor dirt to eliminate. However a good wash can be required if your cat is not grooming properly. Always use a cat shampoo like DOUXO®, specially formulated for your cat's skin pH and containing Phytosphingosine a pro-ceramide that will enhance the quality of its skin barrier.

Keep the skin healthy from any skin issue (dandruff, irritation,...), start by protecting your cat's skin barrier applying regularly DOUXO® Care leave-on products. You can apply DOUXO® Care Mousse and Pads on a sensitive skin, as a cream. They are very easy to use with the full benefits on the skin barrier. Don't forget "prevention is better than cure"!

Discover Mousse  Learn more about Pads

Should I clean my cat's ears?

Cats also groom their ears but if you see any debris, you should clean its ear canal. DOUXO® Care Auricular Lotion is a degreasing ear cleaner, as soft as water: no more greasy ear flap after care. It will leave your cat's ear clean and a very pleasant light green tea smell. Inside the ear flap you can use DOUXO® Care Pads to remove dirt.

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