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Your Cat's skin

The general condition of your cat's skin and coat are good indicators of its health. When health and diet will influence your cat's skin from inside, regular grooming and skin care will protect it from the outside. 

A complex and fragile ecosystem...

The skin barrier is essential to protect the body from bacteria, yeasts, allergens and all other bad guys out there. It also retains moisture.

To be efficient, the skin barrier protection relies on 3 components which interact:

  • the mechanical skin barrier,
  • the immunological skin barrier
  • and the microbiological skin barrier. 

This balance is fragile and deserves your care and protection

… with essential functions

In fact, the skin has a principal role : protection of outside agressions, temperature regulations, elimination of sebum excess and release of pheromones involved in territorial marking, social and sexual communication.

Whatever the colour or the thickness of his fur, all the cats can be touched by a skin problem.

A dry skin, a oily or flaky skin, allergies, infections, or loss of fur can be symptoms of a defective skin barrier. It’s important to contact your veterinarian if you suspect skin's problems because cats are experts at covering up health problems. Only your veterinarian can prescribe a treatment.

At the same time, DOUXO® can help you every day to take care of your cat in a preventive approach.